"Honeycomb Bee" Pendant Necklace

Yet another beautiful pendant necklace, courtesy of the Blown Biker! You can choose from 2 styles of "honeycomb bee" pendants here - firstly there's a gold heart with silver honeycomb inside, featuring a cute little golden bee... OR you can take the silver option, one for the minimalists! Polished silver honeycomb, again with that cute gold bee - the detail on both pieces is simply stunning. When you see that super low price point of JUST $14.99 you may be surprised but we can do one better - take both necklaces and we'll let you have them for $24.99!

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Matches perfectly with our "Honeycomb Bee" earrings!

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Item Type : Pendant Necklace
Gender : Women
Chain Type : Link
Chain Length : 18" + 2"