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3 Piece "Power Scrub" Brush Drill Cleaning Kit - Blown Biker - 1
3 Piece "Power Scrub" Brush Drill Cleaning Kit - Blown Biker - 2
3 Piece "Power Scrub" Brush Drill Cleaning Kit - Blown Biker - 3
3 Piece "Power Scrub" Brush Drill Cleaning Kit - Blown Biker - 5
3 Piece "Power Scrub" Brush Drill Cleaning Kit - Blown Biker - 10

3 Piece "Power Scrub" Brush Drill Cleaning Kit

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If you consider yourself a bike (or car!) cleaning ninja then you'll go crazy over  our 3 piece power scrub brush drill cleaning kit - this thing will instantly show you the difference between scrubbing by hand - and the POWER SCRUB. The kit is a combination of 3 cleaning brushes of different shapes, and all you do is plug them into a cordless drill. The brushes are made of nylon in three different sizes of 1", 3.5" and 4", ensuring you can get into every last nook and cranny of your bike. Soft nylon threads ensure no scratches to the cleaning surface and can be used not only on your motorcycle and car, but on tubs, sinks, baseboards, shower enclosures, porcelain, and the list goes on! All three brushes have 'quick change' shafts that fit pretty much every drill on the market.

Professional Scrubbing Tools

Designed for extreme scrubbing action in conjunction with a power drill.
Can be used to clean deep stains and heavy dirt from multiple surfaces and materials. Always engage the lowest speed setting of the drill at first to gain maximum and satisfactory results.

Durable Build & High Quality

Made with durable but soft nylon bristles, a thick plastic base plate, and a robust metal shaft, which fits easily to any drill in seconds gripping the brush firmly for a secure hold while spinning at high speeds. A thick plastic base plate is made with unbreakable plastic and absorbs shock without breaking when accidentally dropped by the user. Long-lasting nylon bristles don't come loose or pull out even after years of heavy scrubbing.

A Complement To Cleaning Agents

Developed and designed to keep pace with the heaviest of cleaning agents.
Will complement the effect of cleaning agents and provide you a gleaming and sparkling finish.

Top Quality

The market is full of these but make sure you only compare results with the POWER SCRUB - available from Blown Biker. Highly efficient and effective compared to cleaning by hand. Nylon bristles will not scratch surfaces and can be used without fear of damaging your surface.


Due to our busy schedule, we don't always have enough time to clean bikes, cars, bathrooms etc...but the POWER SCRUB is a blessing and can reduce your cleaning times considerably. 

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Usage : Household Cleaning
Package includes : 1x1" brush head, 1x4" brush head, 1x3.5" brush head

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