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316L Stainless Steel "Biker" Bracelet

316L Stainless Steel "Biker" Bracelet - Blown Biker - 1

316L Stainless Steel "Biker" Bracelet

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If you love the biker lifestyle, then check out this awesome biker bracelet - you get an intricately carved, sturdy steel chopper right there on your wrist. Bang! Insane detailing comes as standard on this piece, with beautifully crafted wavy links and a strong snap clasp to make sure this will never drop off when you're out and about. Show the world what you love, with one of these on your wrist - and do it right now. Already becoming a strong seller and when you feel the quality you'll know why. A heavy, detailed piece that will last you a lifetime.

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Item Type : Bracelet
Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Length : 8.7" (22cm)

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