5 Piece "Violin Skeleton" Printed Wall Canvas Set

Smarten up any room in your house, garage, shed, man cave or even lady cave - with this amazing 5 piece "Violin Skeleton" printed wall canvas set! You can purchase this gorgeous set WITH frames OR WITHOUT - either choice comes expertly packaged to ensure no damage en route to your home.

Framed (NO Menu Option) = You get the canvases ONLY, which you can mount onto frames yourself or hang another way : it's up to you! Shipped securely in a tube.

Framed (YES Menu Option) = Canvases pre stretched onto wooden frames and ready for hanging in your home. Shipped securely in a box.

Your 5 piece canvas set comes in a choice of THREE different sizes - so please read the following measurements carefully before making your choice from the "Size" menu.

Size S = 1 x 8"x22" / 4 x 8"x16"
Size M 1 x 12"x32" / 4 x 12"x24"
Size L = 1 x 16"x40" / 4 x 16"x32"

Brand new to Blown Biker, our range of wall canvases will instantly turn any room into a talking point, not to mention being stunning to look at!