Adjustable Padded Patella Support Strap

Suffering fromĀ knee pain? Need a quick, "easy-on-off" patella supportĀ for running or walking?

šŸ”„Ā Our customers LOVE this padded patella support strapĀ šŸ”„

Patellofemoral pain syndrome occurs when nerves sense pain in the soft tissues and bone around the kneecap. These soft tissues include the tendons, the fat pad beneath the patella, and the synovial tissue that lines the knee joint.Ā 

Patella pain? We know it well, and have found this simple padded support strap great at relieving any nagging pain you may have while running, walking, working out orĀ taking part in other sports. Available inĀ SIX different colors, we are selling thisĀ padded, adjustableĀ knee support for JUST $13.99!

Features & Benefits :

KneeĀ stabilizationĀ during sports activities :Ā The padded patella strapĀ sits just under the knee cap and can be adjusted to your liking.Ā Movement of the knee during sporting activities through gentle, beneficial compressionĀ can alleviate the effects of overuse, high impact and protect against too much strain on the knee.

Thicker pad protects patellaĀ :Ā Runners will especially love this strap as so many of you get patella pain due to over exertion! With the padded strap in place, you get extra support where you need it the most.

Strong wear-resistant buckleĀ :Ā Tough, reinforced plastic buckle that will not bend or break when put under pressure.Ā 

Inventive, pressurized strap designĀ :Ā A silicone massage lattice on the back of the strap means no slipping - no matter how hard you push yourself. Non slip silica gel strips on the inside increase friction and reduce sliding. This is known as our double anti-movement feature and you'll love feeling it in action!