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“Biker Bitch“ Metal Belt Buckle - Blown Biker - 1
“Biker Bitch“ Metal Belt Buckle - Blown Biker - 2

“Biker Bitch“ Metal Belt Buckle

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Ladies....sick of taking flack from biker dudes, other old ladies, or well... just anyone? Don't stress... We got you covered - with this awesome "Biker Bitch" belt buckle! Wear this to let people know you're not to be messed with. A sexy, intricate design with the text plus roses and vines going round the outside - believe it or not this is one of our most popular buckles! Ready to join the tribe? Order yours up now :)

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Height : 2.16"
Width : 3.94"
Buckle Type : Pin
Material : Metal

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