"Crowned Skull" Herb Grinder

As any amateur chef out there knows - cutting and chopping up herbs in the kitchen is time consuming, boring, and you can often cut your fingers... which doesn't help when you're rushing to knock up a stew or quick salad for you and your buddies. Enter the Blown Biker "Crowned Skull" herb grinder - which makes chopping up your favourite herbs a breeze! Simply take off the top, add the desired amount of basil, parsley, or whatever else you might need at that vital time, pop the crowned top back on... a few quick twists and hey presto! Your herbs are nicely chopped into tiny pieces - ready and waiting for whatever dish or bowl you may need to throw them into. This gorgeous herb grinder is available in 2 colors - Cinnamon or Bronze.

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Item type : Herb Grinder
Material : Metal

Collections: Biker Gadgets, Biker Gear