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Hell Riders "Ride Or Die" 3 Piece Bed Set - Blown Biker

Hell Riders "Spanners" 3 Piece Bed Set

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Oh boy - bikers and biker fans alike will just LOVE this printed 3 piece bedding set! A flaming head, in a face mask, surrounded by wrenches and chains.... you couldn't say "biker" more if you tried!!

Comes in 4 different sizes, ensuring you'll be able to find a set to match wherever you sleep - if that's in a twin, full, queen or king sized bed - no matter - we got you "covered!" Beautifully 3D printed, with handy zip fasteners, these bed sets are a breeze to take on or off, and are of course machine washable. Brighten up your bedroom or den with this gorgeous bedding set - only available from the Blown Biker store.

PLEASE read the measurements on the sizing chart below..

Choose the correct size from the drop down menu :)

NOTE : Pillow Sizing as follows : 

Twin/Full : 26x20" (66cm x 51cm)
King/Queen : 36"x20" (90cm x 51cm)

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Item type : 3 Piece Bed Set
Material : Microfiber

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