Interactive "Flying Butterfly" Cat Toy

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Do YOU love to watch your cat playing?


This battery powered interactive toy is the BEST way to keep your cat entertained for hours. Welcome to the easiest and most fun way to prevent your furry friend from getting bored at home! Let them PLAY :)

Cats are going BONKERS for this amazing toy :)

Interactive "Flying Butterfly" Cat Toy - Blown Biker - 1

Features & Benefits :

Unpredictable lifelike fluttering : Engages your cat's instincts to stalk, hunt and play. This toy is especially great for "boisterous" cats but even if your cat is calm they'll still love it! Perfect for felines of all ages - from kitten to full grown cat! Watch your adult cat turn back into a kitten as they engage with a flying butterfly or hummingbird :)

Interactive "Flying Butterfly" Cat Toy - Blown Biker - 2 

Imitates Nature : I'm sure you've seen your cat(s) chase birds and butterflies around the garden in real life - they love it - it's in their DNA. Re-create their fun times in the safety and warmth of your own home and watch them play for hours with this fun toy!

Perfect For Multiple Cats : Got more than one cat? No problem! this toy is perfect for encouraging your cats to play together. Putting one in the middle of a group of kittens is especially good fun ;) Sit and watch as your cats' engagement goes thru the roof with this amazing interactive toy.

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Battery Powered : No need for power leads or anything else that could put your pet in danger. Our toy is fully safe and fully portable - use inside your house or take in the garden for some outdoor fun. Runs on 1 x AAA battery.

Choice Of Animals : Get your cat a butterfly toy, OR a hummingbird - it's up to you. What's more, if you buy 2 of these toys we'll give you a third - completely FREE! Buy 2 and get 1 FREE today.

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