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Kimberly's Quartz Biker Watch

Kimberly's Quartz Biker Watch

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Kimberly from Hays, NC loves her Quartz "Biker" Watch

"I just received my awesome biker watch. It looks great on my wrist and it's adjustable so it fits just right. I love the detail that the band has. The design is great and it is a great cover for the watch. The color of the watch goes so good with the copper type color of the bone detail cover. It just matches so good.  I love this watch.  I love biker gear and the more I can wear the better.  Im so pleased with my purchase. Well worth the money. The purchase date was the 9th of Sept. and I received it on Sept. 27th.  Not a bad wait. Thank you Biker Bob .  Im so excited to wear my new piece everywhere!!!!"

That's a lotta text Kimberly! Thanks so much for writing in with the pic. Sending you over a discount code now so watch out for that..... Biker Bob

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