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Silicone Compression Knee Support Sleeve

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Suffer from knee pain? Need support while running or walking? Recovering from ACL surgery?

Get rid of nagging pain in one fell swoop with our Silicone Compression Knee Support Sleeve! Clinically proven to alleviate knee pain and improve knee stability issues related to many sports injuries, strained ligaments, osteoarthritis, ACL recovery, "runners knee", and more.

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Features & Benefits :

Knee stabilization during sports activities : The silicone compression knee sleeve supports movement of the knee during sporting activities through gentle, beneficial compression which alleviates the effects of overuse and high impact and protects against too much strain on the knee.

Silicone Compression Knee Support Sleeve - Blown Biker - 7Targeted Relief : An anatomically contoured pad surrounds the kneecap. This special functional element disperses pressure. When the knee moves, the pad and the knitted fabric massage the connective tissue and the muscles. Two pressure points and lateral wings deliver targeted stimuli. This stimulation triggers positive sensory motor feedback. The stabilizing muscles are activated to improve joint stability. This effect reduces stress and further risk of injury.

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Comfort & Freedom of Movement : The Air Knit fabric of the knee support sleeve is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking and washable. It is designed for maximum breathability and comfort. Purpose built for sporting activities such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball, running, lacrosse, tennis, weight training & more!

Three Technologies In One Solution :

3D : Anatomically shaped for maximum power and optimum support.

AIR : Wide-meshed and lightweight ventilation zones. The effect : the parts of the body covered by the support are cooled more effectively during extreme physical exertion, preventing any build-up of moisture due to sweat.

KNIT : The knitted fabric in our supports offers innovative functional zones that combine optimum stability with maximum freedom of movement.

Two spiral stays on each side offer stability and keep the knee support from rolling or bunching.

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