Memory Foam Pressure Relief Knee Pillow

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Suffer from hip, leg or lower back pain at night?

You NEED one of our pressure relief knee pillows! Can maintain your hip and knee alignment, and reduce lower back pain. Keeps your thighs comfortably apart, and is perfect for side sleepers. The high density memory foam ensures ample and cushioned support for additional comfort all night long.

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ERGONOMIC DESIGN : Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably between your legs providing ideal alignment for your hips, knees and back. Best for sciatica relief, back pain, leg pain, pregnancy, hip and joint pain.

PREMIUM PILLOW CORE : Made from ultra soft memory foam. The slow rebound feature of memory foam provide long lasting comfort and reduce the pressure to your legs.

STRAP-FREE : Research shows that you will not keep one sleeping position during night, so we adopted a strap-free design to avoid unnecessary pain due to pulling and hanging when you turn over. It's also good for reducing the blood circulation.

SAFE FOR YOUR HOME : EURO Oeko-Tex and USA Certipu-US certified! Contains no harmful substances, and is 100% fire-proof and safe for your home.

HIGHLY BREATHABLE COVER : Made from 30% cotton knitted fabric and 70% polyester, our knee pillow features great breathability to effectively keep your legs cool regardless of how long they are touching the pillow.

ALLERGY FREE : Dust mite and bacterial resistant, and hypoallergenic. Cover is removable and machine washable.

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Material : Polyester / Cotton
Size : 9.8"x7.9"x6.3" (25.5x20.5x14.5cm)

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