"Magic Ball" Pressure Point Therapy Massager

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Suffer fromĀ neck pain? Need an easy, portable solution?Ā Meet the "Magic Ball" massager!

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If you experience persistent neck pain or are plagued by knots of muscle - anywhere on the body - owning a ā€œMagic Ballā€ Pressure Point Therapy Massager is going to literally change your life! This is a portable, super easy to use massager that you can use in the comfort of your own home OR on the go. Itā€™s the easiest way to treat neck pain and stiffness, aching shoulders, legs, back, and even waist pain - in JUST 60 seconds flat! Thatā€™s right - both us AND our customers are reporting pain relief after just 1-2 minutes of use :)

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Features & Benefits :

Mimics real therapists hands :Ā The ā€œMagic Ballā€ pressure point therapy massager features two soft yet firm silicone golf-like balls that are designed to feel exactly like a massage therapistā€™s hands. Rolling the balls smoothly into your neck and shoulders deeply penetrate the muscles for instant relief of knots, strain and aching joints.

"Magic Ball" Pressure Point Therapy Massager - Blown Biker - 2Ā Targeted Pain Relief : The massager relieves pain through applying direct pressure and massaging your trigger points at your neck and shoulders.Ā  It massages, squeezes, and kneads away tensions, aches, and nagging pains.

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Boosts blood flow and circulation :Ā Will increase blood circulation and alleviate sore muscles. The ā€œMagic Ballā€ massager also relieves tension, fatigue, neck stiffness, and pain. It even promotes healing for sprains, migraines and tension headaches.

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Customized Massage Intensity : By utilizing the convenient and ergonomic handles, you can fully control every aspect of your massage treatment, thus achieving unparalleled results. Control the pace, direction, and intensity. Feel refreshed and relaxed after just 1-5 minutes of treatment - that you can do yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

Convenient & Portable : With this massager, you can give yourself a vigorous and deep massage at home, in your office or at school, or even while being on the road! Slender, lightweight, and practically unbreakable, you can easily stow it away in your bag, suitcase, knapsack, glovebox, or drawers. Easy to use - and easy to store!

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