Waterproof "Beard Trimming" Shave Apron

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If you don't have a beard yourself, I'm sure you know someone who does - and all beards need to be trimmed and tidied up once in a while, right? Don't mess up your bathroom or bedroom while you get busy making yourself or a loved one look nice, use one of these affordable, super handy and easy to clean shave aprons! Fixes securely round your neck with velcro, then two suckers attach the other end of the apron to the nearest wall with ease! Catch all those messy trimmings then empty the lot into the nearest bin. Easy and convenient, plus we're doing these in 6 different colors! A quality grooming tool - yours from Blown Biker at the super cheap price of JUST $14.99!

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Size : 19.68x30.31x47.24" (50x77x120cm)
Fully waterproof, non static and non stick!