Waterproof Cell Phone Holder

Yet more goodness for our all new "Biker Gadgets" collection. This 100% waterproof touch sensitive phone holder is an absolute must for any biker riding in the rain - which happens to most of us at some point... Features a flexible neck so you can angle your screen for the best viewpoint, plus being able to use your screen thru the plastic cover is of course a massive bonus. The handset inside the cover snaps on and off the 360 degree rotatable neck when needed.

Fits pretty much all major brands of handsets - including All iPhones / All Samsung Phones / All HTC / All LG / All Sony / etc.... just measure your handset and choose from the dropdown menu. What could be easier? :)

Please make sure to measure your phone then choose the correct size case from the dropdown menu... measurements are below.
Make Sure You Get The Right Size!!
S : Approx Dimensions : 65 x 125 mm
M : Approx Dimensions : 75 x 135 mm
L : Approx Dimensions : 83 x 150 mm
XL : Approx Dimensions : 90 x 175 mm